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Yes, this blog post is entitled “Pastry taste explosion”.  Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything else to title it.  I wanted to say something like “The most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten for realz and it tastes like autumn inside a crust” but I figured that would be a little too long.  But honestly, I took one bite of this and was like “I think this is the single most delicious thing I’ve ever made and eaten”.  Which is surely an exaggeration but be that as it may, you should make this.

This recipe is another one that I’ve adapted from Smitten Kitchen, and you can see her recipe for Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette here.  I’m sure that if you followed her recipe exactly it would yield something equally as amazing, if not better.  She loves galettes over there at SK, and I was mostly intimidated by them until Emily made the cabbage mushroom one for a dinner party I attended in the summer.  I was inspired to try it on my own shortly after, and made the same one. And it was definitely really good.  But THIS one. Holy smokes, it was amazing.

While this recipe is definitely time-consuming, it’s mostly waiting around time, so it is not too hard.  I changed the recipe slightly by using a different squash that I had on hand – I think it was a little acorn squash, but those green smallish round ones with the ruffles all look the same to me – and I changed the cheese as well.  Rather than use fontina I used a cheese that was called “Gruyere de Grotte” and it was strong and delicious.  You can check out her recipe, but basically you cut up your squash and roast it in cubes until it is tender, and meanwhile you get your onions going.  I used about one and a half of some sizable onions – don’t skimp on them.  Just slice them in thin half moons and get them slowly slowly cooking in butter.  It’ll take awhile, but you don’t want them on heat that’s too high or you’ll just char them. You should’ve already made your dough by now and have it in the fridge – and I know that most people are not really into slapping together some dough for your average dinner, but I’m telling you it’s SO EASY and SO SATISFYING and everything tastes better in a crust.  Also, this.  But I digress.

The major key to this recipe is FRESH SAGE.  You gotta use fresh sage.  Once your onions and your squash are cooked you mix all the stuff together that is going to go inside your crust.  I didn’t grate my cheese because I secretly HATE grating cheese and instead just cut it up into tiny cubes.  Toss your sage and cheese and onions and squash together and that’s your filling!  Now you just roll out your crust, put it on a baking sheet, glop everything in the middle, and fold up your edges.  The best part about galettes is that they are meant to look “rustic” so you just fold up your uneven edges as they are.  Then you bake it.

It’ll come out looking something like that, and you’ll barely be able to let it cook for a few minutes without slicing into it immediately.  I practically melted when I took my first bite because it tasted exactly like this:

So yeah, it tasted like Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Glen Major Forest site on a foggy October afternoon. Sounds delicious, am I right?

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