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And so it begins…

So, after much waffling and talk and encouragement and badgering and thinking about names and wishing for a better camera, i’m doing it.  As some of you may know, a lot of what has been holding me back from starting this blog (which, by the way, is a food blog – perhaps more appropriately a recipe blog, but I am generally terrible at following recipes in the first place) was the name.  What do I call my very own food blog? There’s a million out there. I read them! Well, that’s not true, I don’t read them all.  I read some.  And really just a select few, but I am generally pretty obsessed with those particular blogs.  But the name…the name! I polled my friends on facebook – Ariana (my mostly internet-based, sometimes reality-based, food friend) came up with countless AMAZING pun names for my blog – my favourite being Feast Infection.  I would’ve gone with that too, but many people voiced concern that people would be too grossed out by the name to actually go to the site.  Ariana’s other suggestions included gems like Braising Arizona and Iron Chevre.  I still DO love Braising Arizona.  But none of these names seemed right for me…not quite.

And then, last week, it happened.

I was on my way home from work on my bike, and I already had a full backpack of stuff with me.  I had to go pick up my weekly CSA share (from Kawartha Ecological Growers – it’s my first season getting a CSA and KEG is amazing so far!) and so I figured I’d have to walk my bike home, with my bag of veggies on my handlebars.  This would’ve all been fine except that one of the items included in my share was the most ENORMOUS bunch of turnips.  I really cannot being to make you understand the sheer size of these turnips.  It wasn’t so much the turnips themselves that were the issue, but their greens.  The greens extended at least a foot and a half above the turnips, and the bunch of greens had a diameter of probably a 8 inches or so.  It was going to be cumbersome.  These turnips would not fit in my backpack, and would not fit in my reusable grocery bag.  So, I had to carry my backpack on my back, rest a very heavy grocery bag on my handlebars, and balance this giant bunch of turnips on my bike (and they weighed a ton) as I pushed my bike uphill – and then worse, downhill – home.

And I got catcalled.  I passed a car at an intersection and some jerky guys said something along the lines of “Hey lady, it’s a nice day out isn’t it” and I sort of nodded but mostly ignored them.  The minute I turned my head back they made a series of kissing noises (seriously?) and honked their horn.  To which I yelled expletives back at them – which I rarely do, and I must say it was infinitely satisfying.  And as soon as this incident was over all I could think was “Really? Really? I’m walking with my bike helmet on and this giant bunch of turnips!”

And thus, the creation mythology of this blog.

It will include my various kitchen exploits, accompanied with sometimes great, often mediocre, photographs of foods I make.  Generally I’m a savoury food lover, but lately I’ve been doing much baking – including a cherry pie that I made yesterday and cherry brown butter bars last week – it’s the seasonal fruit that does it.  I will try my best to post recipes for the things I make.

And so, as Julia Child and my father always say: Bon Appetit!

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